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Скачать книгу Cборник по С++. Часть 2 бесплатно

Название: Cборник по С++. Часть 2
Автор: Коллектив авторов
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF, DjVu
Размер: 307.2 MB MB
Страниц: Много
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: Русский

Описание книги:
В данном сборнике представлены книги по C++ на русском языке. Данный сборник, для удобства скачки, разбит на 2-е части.
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Скачать книгу Automating Linux And Unix System Administration бесплатно

Название: Automating Linux And Unix System Administration
Автор: Kirk Bauer, Nathan Campi
Год выпуска: December 15, 2008
Издательство: Apress
Страниц: 488
Формат: pdf
Язык: English
Размер: 1.3 mb

Whether you need a network of ten Linux PCs and a server or a datacenter with a few thousand Unix nodes, you need to know how to automate much of the installation, configuration, and standard system administration.
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Скачать книгу Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide бесплатно

Название: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide
Автор: Robert G. Freeman, Charles A. Pack
Издательство: SYBEX
ISBN: 0470395133
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
Размер: 8.99 MB
Страниц: 888
Язык: Английский

Описание книги:

This updated study guide for the latest release of the most popular database software in the world—Oracle Database 11g— reviews using the RMAN recovery catalog, handling Flashback technology, managing memory and resources, automating tasks, diagnosing the database, and much more. Plus, more than 100 pages of workbook exercises help prepare you to take the 1Z0-053 exam.
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Скачать книгу Pro OpenSolaris: A New Open Source OS for Linux Developers and Administrators бесплатно

Автор: Harry Foxwell, Christine Tran
Название: Pro OpenSolaris: A New Open Source OS for Linux Developers and Administrators
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
Размер: 13,9 Мб

OpenSolaris is a rapidly evolving operating system with roots in Solaris 10, suitable for deployment on laptops, desktop workstations, storage appliances, and data center servers from the smallest single–purpose systems to the largest enterprise–class systems. The growing OpenSolaris community now has hundreds of thousands of participants and users in government agencies, commercial businesses, and universities, with more than 100 user groups around the world contributing to the use and advancement of OpenSolaris. New releases of OpenSolaris become available every six months, with contributions from both Sun engineers and OpenSolaris community members; this book covers the OpenSolaris 2008.11 release.
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Скачать книгу Petri Net: Theory and Applications бесплатно

Название: Petri Net: Theory and Applications
Автор: Vedran Kordic
Издательство: I-Tech Education and Publishing
Год: 2008
Страниц: 534
Формат: PDF
Размер: 8,98 Mб
ISBN: 978-3-902613-12-7

Although many other models of concurrent and distributed systems have been de- veloped since the introduction in 1964 Petri nets are still an essential model for concurrent systems with respect to both the theory and the applications. The main attraction of Petri nets is the way in which the basic aspects of concurrent systems are captured both conceptually and mathematically. The intuitively appealing graphical notation makes Petri nets the model of choice in many applications. The natural way in which Petri nets allow one to formally capture many of the basic notions and issues of concurrent systems has contributed greatly to the development of a rich theory of concurrent systems based on Petri nets.
This book brings together reputable researchers from all over the world in order to provide a comprehensive coverage of advanced and modern topics not yet reflected by other books. The book consists of 23 chapters written by 53 authors from 12 different countries.
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Скачать книгу 3 Книги из Серии “Для Чайников” по операционным системам бесплатно

Название: 3 Книги из Серии “Для Чайников”
Автор: Энди Ратбон, Ди-Анн Лебланк, Мелани Хоуг, Эван Бломквист
Жанр: Компьютерная Литература
Год выпуска: 2003, 2008
Язык: Русский
Формат: pdf
Размер файла: 27 mb

О Книге: 3 книги из серии “Для Чайников”: Windows XP для “Чайников”, Windows Vista для “Чайников”, Linux для “Чайников".
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